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Executive Committee
Mr. Carsten STAUR   
Ms. Helena CIZKOVA   
(Czech Republic)
Mr. Koichi AI   
Open to all Member countries 
Date of creation:
30th September 1961

Mandate:   -   Resolution of the Council on a New Governance Structure for the Organisation adopted at the 1234th session held on 16 December 2010 [C(2006)78/REV1/FINAL and C/M(2010)24, item 282]



Extracts of Resolution [C(2006)78/REV1/FINAL, para. 31 and 52]


“31.   …

      The Executive Committee (ExCo)

-   assists the Council by preparing for its decisions on reports and proposals – including draft Acts of the Organisation and agreements elaborated by the substantive committees or other such specialist bodies;

-   advises the Council on preparations and follow-up to Ministerial meetings of OECD bodies; and on committee structures, mandates and evaluation;

-   advises the Council on strategic issues and priorities, including those regarding the management and operations of the Organisation, where these fall within the competence of Council and which are not otherwise covered by other standing committees;

-   advises the Council on policy issues not covered by the mandates of the other bodies directly subordinate to the Council;

-   carries out any functions delegated to it by Council, and reports to it as appropriate.

52.   Any problem of interpretation on the classification of a specific issue into one of the categories will be prepared by the Executive Committee and decided by Council as a normal case.”

Last published on: 3rd March 2021  
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