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Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP)
Mr. Hugh Stevenson   
(United States)
Ms. Lacey Marie Campbell   
Ms. Alessandra Tonazzi   
Ms. Yasuko Iwai   
Mr. Rafael Regla   
Ms. Eva Tverberg   
Ms. Carla Barata   
Mr. Andrew Hadley   
(United Kingdom)
Open to all Member countries 
Date of creation:
12th November 1969
31st December 2024

Mandate: - Resolution of the Council concerning the renewal of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2001)239/REV1 and C/M(2001)22, Item 386]

- Resolution of the Council concerning the renewal and modification of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2004)170 and C/M(2004)24, Item 309]

- Resolution of the Council concerning the renewal and modification of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2009)136, C(2009)136/CORR1 and C/M(2009)22, Item 279]

- Resolution of the Council concerning the renewal and modification of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2014)144, Annex and C/M(2014)13, Item 210]

- Resolution of the Council concerning the renewal and modification of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2019)144, Annex and C/M(2019)13, Item 150]


HAVING REGARD to the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14 December 1960;

HAVING REGARD to the Rules of Procedure of the Organisation;

HAVING REGARD to the Revised Resolution of the Council on Partnerships in OECD Bodies [C(2012)100/REV1/FINAL];

HAVING REGARD to the Resolution of the Council of 12 November 1969 establishing a Committee on Consumer Policy [C(69)143], whose mandate was last revised and renewed in 2014 [C(2014)144];

HAVING REGARD to the recommendation of the In-depth Evaluation of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2012)132] and [C/M(2012)14], Item 215 i);

RECOGNISING the economic and social importance of consumer policies in Members and their close relationship with general economic and trade policies;

RECOGNISING the need to minimise economic costs to consumers and to facilitate the integration of consumer policy considerations into economic and related policy areas;

RECOGNISING the need to improve the functioning of markets globally and to provide effective protection to consumers;

RECOGNISING the vital role that empowered consumers can play in improving economic performance and driving innovation, productivity and competition, and the important role that consumer policy plays in educating and informing consumers;

RECOGNISING the dynamism and growing importance of the digital transformation to consumers, and the resulting need to adapt existing policies, and develop new policies, to address emerging issues;

RECOGNISING that the implementation of such policies can be encouraged by information exchanges and co-operation between Members and with Partners, as well as with other international organisations;

HAVING REGARD to the proposed revision of the mandate of the Committee on Consumer Policy [C(2019)144];


A. The Committee on Consumer Policy (hereinafter the “Committee”) is renewed with the following revised mandate:


I. Objectives

1.The overarching objective of the Committee is to promote consumer welfare, by developing policies and measures that are aimed at:

i) Empowering consumers to make well-informed decisions that benefit their interests, and

ii) Protecting consumers from misleading, deceptive, fraudulent and unfair commercial practices and from unsafe products, while providing effective recourse when problems arise.

1.The mid-level objectives are:

i) Improving consumer policies and related enforcement measures, by:

a)Exchanging information on effective consumer policy and enforcement actions;

b)Working together to enhance consumer protection from fraudulent and deceptive commercial practices, within and across borders;

c)Developing policy recommendations to assist governments, businesses and civil society in identifying and addressing consumer issues requiring attention;

d)Further developing and applying the Consumer Policy Toolkit, with attention to strengthening evidence-based policy making, applying behavioural insights and information economics, and improving measurement in support of research and analysis.

i)Exploring ways to improve business outreach, to help them understand their responsibilities to consumers and for legal compliance;

ii)Enhancing awareness and knowledge of the challenges facing consumers, by regularly sharing information on issues and developments in the consumer area, and by carrying out research and analysis on key topics, with particular attention to those pertaining to the digital transformation, consumer product safety and consumer economics;

iii)Exploring ways to improve consumer education and awareness of issues, by enhancing their knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, and by supporting mechanisms that facilitate dispute resolution and redress;

2.In order to achieve these objectives, the Committee will actively promote its work within and outside the OECD, including with Partners and other international organisations (including regional ones).

II. Co-ordination arrangements

3.In carrying out its work, the Committee shall:

i) Collaborate closely with other relevant subsidiary bodies of the OECD.

ii) Consult with stakeholders, including BIAC and TUAC, consumer organisations, such as Consumers International, the private sector, academia and other international organisations, including the International Consumer Protection and Enforcement Network (ICPEN).

B. The mandate of the Committee shall remain in force until 31 December 2024.


Version Published On :6th December 2022 and Archived on: 16th October 2023  
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