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Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy (CSSP)
Mr. Anil ARORA   
Mr. Dominik Rozkrut   
Bureau Members:   
Mr. Geir Axelsen   
Ms. Angelique BERG   
Sir Ian Diamond   
(United Kingdom)
Dr. Mariana Kotzeva   
Ms. Sandra Quijada Javer   
Dr. Julio A. SANTAELLA   
Open to all Member countries 
Russian Federation   
South Africa   
Observers (International Organisations):   
International Labour Organization (ILO)   
International Monetary Fund (IMF)   
UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)   
UN Statistics Division (UNSD)   
World Bank   
Date of creation:
22nd April 2004
31st July 2021

Mandate of the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy



Having regard to the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14 December 1960;

Having regard to the Rules of Procedure of the Organisation;

Having regard to the Resolution of the Council on Partnerships in OECD Bodies [C(2012)100/FINAL];

Having regard to document C(2003)217 and its CORR1 on the Establishment of an OECD Committee on Statistics as last renewed by Council on 16 October 2008 [C(2008)126/REV1 and C/M(2008)18, Item 245];

Having regard to the recommendations of the In-depth Evaluation of the Committee on Statistics [C(2013)18 and its CORR1 and C/M(2013)8, Item 70];

Having regard to the proposed revision of the mandate of the Committee on Statistics and the proposal to rename it the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy (CSSP) [C(2013)82 and its CORR1];

Having regard to the proposed revision of the mandate of the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy [C(2018)123];



A.   The Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy (hereinafter “the Committee”), has the following mandate:


1.The overarching objective of the Committee is to foster the development of policy by Members and important Partners (non-Members) on the basis of reliable data and evidence-based analysis and to provide civil society with reliable, internationally-comparable statistical information.

2.The Committee seeks to achieve this objective by overseeing the OECD’s statistical policy and the broad range of statistics relevant to the Organisation to ensure:

i.statistics within the OECD are dealt with in a well-coordinated and horizontal manner, taking into account that all substantive committees and bodies that are launching a major statistical project are invited by Council to consult with the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy at the onset of such project;

ii.the development of innovative conceptual work, policy-relevant measures and dissemination tools.

3.In carrying out its responsibilities it shall:

i.be responsible to Council for the statistical policy of the OECD, both within the Organisation and vis-à-vis the rest of the world;

ii.play a consultative role with respect to major statistical projects of other OECD substantive committees in order to help them achieve their objectives in the most efficient way; in particular, identify, and respond to, new and emerging statistical needs of policymakers; and anticipate and address related data supply issues;

iii.ensure that OECD statistics are produced according to high-quality standards;

iv.officially review and approve methodological recommendations elaborated by other committees on specific statistical subjects, and promote their implementation;

v.approve common standards for data and metadata exchange between the OECD and national data and other international data providers;

vi.foster the development of innovative tools for data dissemination;

vii.maintain relations with other international organisations, seeking to achieve co-ordinated and complementary work programmes in areas of shared interest and mutual benefit;

viii.seek to involve important Partners in the activities of the Committee on Statistics and Statistical Policy and its subsidiary bodies, and in specific OECD statistical activities undertaken by the Organisation’s various substantive committees and bodies in order to:

a)improve the availability, quality and international comparability of statistics produced by national sources in both OECD and Partners;

b)promote convergence in statistical standards used by OECD and Partners;

c)engage with Partners on strategic issues for statistical policy in response to new and emerging policy needs.

ix)   take appropriate action on any other topics submitted by the OECD Chief Statistician that are relevant for conducting his/her tasks.


B.    The mandate shall remain in force until 31 July 2020.

Last published on: 25th May 2021  
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