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Committee for Agriculture (COAG)
Mr. Gregg Young   
(United States)
Mr. Sébastien COUDERC   
Mr. Michael KESSLER   
Mr. Kunimitsu MASUI   
Ms. Hedwig Wögerbrauer   
New Zealand   
Czech Republic   
Republic of Korea   
Slovak Republic    
United Kingdom   
United States   
European Commission   
South Africa   
Observers (International Organisations):   
Council of Europe (COE)   
UN Food and Agricultural Organization (UNFAO)   
World Trade Organization (WTO)   
Date of creation:
30th September 1961
31st December 2013

Mandate :   Resolution of the Council concerning the revision of the mandate of the Committee for Agriculture [C(2008)182 & CORR1] adopted at its 1186th session on 18 December 2008 [C/M(2008)22, item 326]




Resolution of the Council [C(2008)182 & CORR1 and C/M(2008)22, Item 326]



   Having regard to the Articles 1 and 2 of the Convention on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development of 14 December 1960;

   Having regard to the Rules of Procedure of the Organisation;

   Having regard to paragraphs 21, 22, 23, 26 and 89 of the Report of the Preparatory Committee concerning the creation of a Committee for Agriculture;

   Having regard to the Communiqués of the meetings of the Council at Ministerial level in 1982 and 1987;

   Having regard to the Communiqués of the meetings of the Committee for Agriculture at Ministerial level in 1992 and 1998 and the Chair’s summary of the 2005 High level meeting of the Committee for Agriculture;

   Having regard to the proposed revision of the mandate of the Committee for Agriculture C(2008)182;

   Considering the need for further domestic agricultural policy reform and integration of the agriculture and food sector into the multilateral trading system; and

   Considering the need for maintaining the productive capacity and effective use of natural resources to satisfy future demand for food and non-food products;


A.   The Committee for Agriculture has the following mandate:

1.   To provide a forum for the discussion of issues related to all aspects of agricultural, agro-food and agricultural trade developments and policies with a view to promoting mutual understanding of these developments and to improving the effectiveness of policies, at both the domestic and the international levels, as they affect agriculture and the agri-food sector, in ways consistent with the overall mission of the OECD.


• To define guidelines and promote best practices for a positive policy reform agenda with the purpose of helping governments to achieve their objectives for their agriculture and agri-food sectors in ways that are efficient, effective and no more trade distorting than necessary.

• To define and promote policy and market approaches that improve agriculture’s contribution to sustainability in all its aspects, and improve its overall environmental performance against a background of global issues that will be important for the sector concerning resource use (particularly water) and climate change, in Member and non-Member countries.

• To provide forward looking policy information, analysis and advice, that considers the perspectives of both Member and non-Member countries, so as to facilitate growth and development and the integration of the agriculture and agri-food sectors into the international trading system.

• To monitor and analyse structural, economic and policy developments throughout the supply chain from farm to consumer, their implications for the farm sector and for farm sector policies.

2.   Agricultural and agricultural trade developments and policies should be regularly monitored, using the best available qualitative and quantitative tools, and the impacts of structural change and policies on a range of sectoral performance criteria should be continuously evaluated.

   In fulfilling this mandate the Committee for Agriculture will:

• Define the work to be undertaken during each programming period. Following the processes and schedules set for the Organisation as a whole, participate in all required reporting and evaluation mechanisms in place at OECD level, and manage the substantive and analytical work delegated to its subsidiary bodies.

• Work in close co-operation with other relevant committees, notably with the Trade Committee, the Environment Policy Committee, the Development Assistance Committee and the Territorial Development Policy Committee, striving for a full sharing of knowledge and expertise in pursuit of improved policy coherence.

• Engage with selected non-Member countries with a view to sharing experiences and expertise in policy development and evaluation and encouraging them to apply relevant OECD guidelines and recommendations. In this respect, Observers to the Committee will play a key role.

• Work in close co-operation with other international organisations notably the FAO, the World Bank and the WTO to share expertise, to provide mutual support, while avoiding overlap or duplication in the respective tasks undertaken.

• Develop close working relationships with international commodity organisations (ISO, IGC, IDF, IMS)[1] in monitoring international commodity markets and developments to ensure that we benefit from their expertise and that our work programmes are mutually reinforcing.

• Involve non-governmental organisations in its work through consultation/advisory mechanisms such as BIAC, IFAP[2] and TUAC and by engaging with relevant civil society organisations representing a broad cross-section of relevant interests.

• Undertake communication activities in Member countries, in light of the needs and interests in capitals and the availability of substantive policy relevant outputs from its work programme.

B.   The mandate of the Committee for Agriculture shall remain in force until 31 December 2013, unless the Council decides otherwise.

[1] ISO: International Sugar Organisation, IGC : International Grains Council, IDF : International Diary Federation ; IMS : International Meat Secretariat.
[2] IFAP : International Federation of Agricultural Producers
Version Published On :16th January 2013 and Archived on: 8th January 2014  
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